Friday, January 7, 2011

How to clean Gold plated Necklace

Beautiful design and affordable rate – these are the main benefits, you will get out of your gold plated necklace. Such ornaments are very delicate in nature and demands utmost care. 
Gold plated jewelry is preferred by most of the people because it is less expensive and looks like original gold jewelry. Also known as ‘Gold vermeil’, such ornaments possess little gold as a layer over them. Mostly, Silver and copper are used for this purpose. As there is very thin layer of gold is used on the ornaments, there are more chances of wearing off quickly. The surface of Gold plated jewelry, especially Gold plated Necklace is very delicate and demands extra care if you want to wear it for long time. 

Here are some tips to guide you about how to keep your Gold plated Necklace clean and shinning- 

• Never put your Gold plated jewelry on hard surface as this may cause scratch on it. This can harm weak layer of gold and make your jewelry look lousy.

• Keep your Gold plated Necklace in a velvet lined jewelry box after use or wrap it in a soft cloth in order to avoid scratches.

• Wipe your ornaments with soft cotton. This will help in cleaning up dirt or dust which gets deposited over the surface of jewelry.

• You can use a soft jewelry polishing cloth to rub the surface of Gold plated Necklace gently to restore shine.

• Though you can clean up jewelry at home but if you are not comfortable with it, you can take it to local goldsmith to repaint the Gold plated Necklace.

Take some warm water in a bowl and pour few drops of dish soap into it. Never use antibacterial soap for this purpose as it contains abrasives. Soak gold plated necklace in this solution for 10 minutes. Dirt will start loosing; you can remove it worth soft brush.

Due to its affordability and creative designs, Gold plated Necklace has become very popular and matches with every outfit. There was a time when gold plated jewelry was limited to the people who can not buy gold jewelry but today gold plated jewelry or Gold plated necklace has become first choice of every one due to its cheap rates and attractive designs. 

Apart form Gold plated necklace, there is a large variety of jewelry such as bracelet, ear ring and other jewelries available in the Market which can suit every occasion and outfit. You can easily find great collection of Gold plated Necklace online as there are many jewelry designers are running online jewelry website to promote their jewelry. 

How to take care of Gold Plated Rings

Gold plated jewelry is perfect for those who want to enjoy appearance of real gold at low rates. It’s very hard to distinguish a gold plated jewelry from gold jewelry due to its luster and beauty.

Gold plated jewelry whether necklace, ear ring or ring, is perfect to enjoy luxury of real gold in less expensive way. Rings are integral part of jewelry and wore by people at large scale regardless gender, age or class. There is not doubt that gold is one of the desired metals since ancient time. People buy Gold for investment purpose also and that’s the reason why in ancient time, people never invest in Gold plated rings or jewelry. 

Nowadays, such ornaments have become part of vogue. The major plus point of gold plated rings, you can get numerous designs, great workmanship within affordable price range easily. You are in wrong if you are thinking that such jewelry items are having short life span. Proper care and maintenance can enhance appearance and life of your gold plated rings. 

However, you have to be very much careful while cleaning up your favorite gold plated rings as a little mistake can make your piece unbearable. Don’t worry, cleaning up gold plated rings is easy but demands a little bit caution to protect the finish.

Here are the instructions about how to clean Gold plated rings-

• Take warm water and dampen the soft cotton cloth in it. Rub the cloth gently over the jewelry. If your jewelry is dirty, put few drop of mild dish soap on the cotton cloth and press it many time so that soap start working through the cloth.

• Wipe down the Gold plated rings with the moistened cotton cloth. Make sure the strokes are firm and light else it can hamper the gold layer of jewelry. Try your best to limit the number of stroke as life of gold paint will decrease with the increase of movement.

• If your Gold plated rings are extremely dirty and normal detergent, water is not able to clean it up, treat it with white toothpaste. Put little toothpaste on the ring and polish it with clean cotton. Like before give firm and less number of strokes to protect golden layer. Avoid gel toothpastes, abrasive toothpaste or whitening toothpastes. 

• Wash your Gold plated rings properly. You can use your fingers or soft cloth to rub off the toothpaste or soap used. After this, put the ring in air to dry or can dry it with a dry soft cloth. 

Keep in mind the above mentioned tips if you want to wear and enjoy striking gold plated rings for many years. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to choose gemstone beads

A comprehensive article on everything you need to know about gemstone beads.  Colors, sizes, types and where to get them- read on to know all this and more!
Beads are available in many materials. However gemstone beads have a charm and beauty that is all their own. So when you set out to design or make (or both) your own jewellery what are the things you should keep in mind while buying raw materials? Gemstone beads can be procured in a variety of colours, sizes, shapes and price-points. Real gemstone beads add a grace and authenticity to your jewellery and depending on the stone used a touch of tradition or class.

Beads can be used to create or embellish almost any piece of jewellery. Be it necklaces or earrings, bracelets or chokers- beads can be used in a plethora of permutations and combinations to achieve the desired effect.

When selecting the most appropriate beads for your project, consider what you plan to use them for as well as your budget.

Which gem?

Every imaginable colour and shade exists abundantly in the gem world. If you are working with a colour palette you can refer to the table of colours below.

Yellows: Yellow Topaz, Citrine, Diamond
Reds: Ruby, Garnet, Spinel, Coral
Pinks: Pink Sapphire, Pink Tourmaline, 
Greens: Emerald, Jade, Green Sapphire, Peridot, 
Blues to violets: Blue Topaz, Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Chalcedony, Iolite, Tanzanite, Amethyst, Aquamarine, 
Browns/Grays: Diamond, Smoky Quartz 
White: Opal, Diamond, Quartz, 
Black: Diamond, Onyx

All these different gems are available at different price points. However it is important to note their gemmological properties before using them in jewellery. For instance chalcedony is a comparatively softer stone than sapphire and hence not suitable for jangling bracelets where the beads may chip easily by being in constant contact with objects. Sapphire or blue topazes on the other hand are extremely durable and hence appropriate for the same piece.    Some stones break more easily than others, and some require special care (turquoise- keep away from chemicals and cosmetics). Softer stones might not be available in certain cuts. 

Cuts and Contours
Gemstone beads range from 2mm diameter up to an average of 26mm. It is possible to order larger beads if so desired. Beads are sold by the strand or by number (if they are larger). Strands are 15 to 20 inches in length. They are fashioned in several cuts and shapes. Round beads, pipes, drum shaped, faceted or smooth ovals, chips and slices are also available. Other common shapes are square, heart and diamond although other shapes are available depending on the supplier. Reputed gemstone suppliers offer all these and more.

The gemstone bead may be smooth or faceted, tumbled or polished. Tear drop or pear shaped beads are known as briolettes these may be drilled through or half-way through since they are often suspended at the end of earrings as danglers or form the fringe of intricate necklaces. Carvings are another type of gemstone bead that is sure to make your jewellery stand apart. Intricate designs of flora, fauna, deities and abstract art are etched into the gemstone. Not all gemstones are hard enough to be carved, but there are many varieties available. If it is a more natural look you desire cabochon beads are a good option. Cabochons are nothing but the natural shape of the stone polished to a smooth and glossy finish.  

There are several reputed gemstone dealers on the net that offer a wide variety of beads/stones at wholesale prices for mass and personal consumption. It is possible for you to order one or several strings of beads from the comfort of your home. You can do this by placing an order through their website, by email or calling them. There is no minimum order required and the merchandise will be shipped across to you at a cost. Forward looking dealers have used technology to their advantage and it is possible to view the gems you are choosing in real-time via Skype.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All you need to know about emerald beads

Emerald beads are an elegant component that can be used to create classy and hi-end jewelry for aficionados and jeweler alike. Following are basic guidelines on purchase and care of emerald beads.
Be it a plain string of graduated emerald beads or mixed with gold or silver charms, a necklace or bracelet with emerald beads is a sure eye-catcher. An emerald is a beautiful gemstone that belongs to the gem species beryl. It is the birthstone of people who are born in May or those belonging to the star sign Cancer. However you don’t necessarily have to be born in May or belong to a particular star sign to enjoy the beauty of this spectacular stone. Apart from its incredible beauty emerald is said to enhance love and contentment in a person. As the well known adage goes:

Who first beholds the light of day
In spring's sweet, flower month of May
And wears an emerald all her life
Shall be a loved and a loving wife.]

It is well-known for its healing properties, gazing at an emerald is supposed to soothe the eyes and it is even believed to cure epilepsy in children.

Though a lot of estate and expensive jewelry is made using cut stones, emerald beads are a fashion statement unto themselves. You can choose from a single strand graduated stone necklace or several rows of matched and graduated emerald beads to add pizzazz to that little black dress or evening gown- as the occasion demands.

A single emerald may set you back by a pretty penny, since it is rare to find clean gem-quality emeralds. However emerald beads are aplenty since this material is abundantly available in the market as it is not imperative for beads to be totally transparent.

So how do you go about choosing your emerald beads? Well, the ideal colour for an emerald is a pleasing deep-green; the colour of new leaves after a cleansing rainfall. However various tones may be present or the depth of colour may vary from stone to stone. While choosing your emerald beads from your jeweller or ordering them online, make sure all the beads in the string are evenly colored. Emerald beads wholesale at reasonable prices online and many wholesalers also allow for retail single-purchase orders. Genuine emerald beads can be bought online as several reputed companies have a presence on the Internet nowadays.

Large emerald beads, small and medium in a variety of sizes and shapes are available. For the more adventurous options such as cabochons (a stone with a flat surface and a domed polished top), carvings (stones carved as leaves, flowerets, with striations and designs on their surface), cut stones and drops (tear drop shaped stones with a hole drilled at one end or drilled through) are also available. Beads can be used innovatively in single or multiple strands as necklaces. A long string of small equal-sized emerald beads interspersed with several large silver tubes at intervals can be used as a bohemian chic lariat when worn wrapped twice around your neck or several times on your wrist. Cabochons and carvings are best left to a professional jeweller to set in gold or silver. These pieces are ideal for that custom made jewelry piece you have always dreamed of designing yourself.

Cleaning and Care
Emerald is a naturally brittle stone so cracks and fissures may be visible on the bead. Worry not! This is okay as most commercial grade emerald is buffed with oil or infused with natural or man-made fillers to reduce visibility of the cracks and fissures and enhance the look of the stones. However for the same reason it is very important to take care while cleaning emerald beads/jewelry containing them. Never put your emerald in an ultrasonic cleaner as it may cause the fissures to be filled with dirty cleaning liquid and ruin the stone. Sudden sharp blows or extreme temperature swings may also harm the stone. Therefore do not wear emeralds in Jacuzzis, steam and sauna baths. Avoid using harsh detergents to clean the stones. The best way to clean your emeralds is with a mild detergent and soft brush. Wash clean in tap water and never forget to dry your jewelry before putting it away. Always store your jewelry separately, ie; pieces should be kept well away from each other so that no stones rub amongst themselves thus causing scratches and damage to softer stones.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Black diamond beads- black beauty!

Everything related to black diamond beads, their nature, care and purchase. Tips on how to source genuine black diamond beads, large black diamond beads, carved black diamonds and many more.
Black diamond beads are capable of adding allure and charm to almost every piece of jewelry conceivable to man. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, lariats and chokers- all could be interestingly fabricated using black diamond beads. These beads are available in a wide variety of colors apart from black.

Connoisseurs are also able to pick from numerous shapes such as smooth-finished ovals, drum-shaped cylinders, faceted crystals or cubes. Briolettes- that are faceted drop-shaped beads with a hole drilled at one or both ends are also a hit among jewelery designers and enthusiasts. These can be used to infuse elegance in long dangling earrings or add that finishing touch of color and class to necklaces. Genuine black diamond beads will have a bright lustre owing to the extreme hardness of diamond. Given the nature of diamonds not much precaution is required while handling or cleaning your jewelry. However like everything precious be gentle on the jewelry and use a good quality detergent and brush to clean your jewelry. Always dry your jewelry before storing it.

Wholesale black diamond beads are available in different sizes and in strands of varying lengths form 15 inches upwards. Every size from large black diamond beads down to the smallest chips is available for sale. A strand of matched, graduated genuine diamond beads could be a fitting replacement for the heirloom family pearls- and so much more durable too! In fact diamond being the hardest substance on earth there is very little by way of toughness that pearls can claim as opposed to it. That is not to take away credit from pearls, but wouldn’t it be great not to have any concerns about the annual restringing and care generally required of pearls!?

Black diamond beads are not only for jewelery designers and manufacturers. In fact is it very easy for do-it-yourself types who have a love of making their own jewellery to fabricate beautiful neckpieces out of diamond beads. These could be used in combination with gold, silver or other colored stone beads to make interesting and unique pieces for personal use or gifting. Neck clasps or hooks are available at your local jeweler or you could google for dealers in your area for the required raw material.

So now we come to the most important part of your foray into jewelry making- the sourcing of black diamond beads. The Internet is the answer to all our prayers so it seems. Wholesale black diamond beads are available with retailers and wholesalers on the web. It is now possible to place orders for genuine black diamond beads with these online stores from the comfort of your home. The order can be placed through their website, email or phone. Merchandise is shipped across the length and breadth of several continents at a cost. It is possible to view the gems online at the dealer’s website, or you could see them in real-time using a webcam or Skype. Black diamond beads wholesale at these website at attractive prices and have numerous choices for the discerning customer. Carved and loose black diamonds along with faceted black diamonds are also among the choices these suppliers offer.

For those who are not really the DIY types, these very same dealers offer wire jewellery made using diamond beads. Or you could always order and have your family jeweller string them up in a style that flatters you. One really can’t go wrong with this eternal gem- the diamond. It adds grace and lends charm to its wearer and as we all know it is forever.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Show your love with ardent diamond wedding ring

Couple are made in heaven- a very true saying. If you strongly believe in this then you must be wanting something that set your marriage with a heavenly aura. A stylish and eye feasting diamond wedding ring is enough to set your wedding on fire and add beauty to it. A diamond represents the purity and being the hardest gem, it give the message that your relation will remain pure and without any disputes throughout your life.

A diamond wedding ring is one of the inseparable part of a wedding and in order to decorate it with uniqueness, Jewelry wholesalers offer excellent designs for diamond wedding rings. The selection of a diamond ring demands extreme care as its one time huge investment. A proper selection of diamond ring while considering the cut , clarity, carat and color of diamond can give you best deal.

If you do not have knowledge about diamond and searching for a reliable Jewelry stores then your are at right place. Jewelry maker is an eminent for designing beautiful diamond engagement rings, Diamond anniversary rings and diamond wedding rings. At Jewelry stores, you will get huge collection of wedding rings that certainly suits your choice and pocket.

No issue if you want to go with the flow of fashion and do not want a traditional diamond ring for your wedding. Jewelry suppliers helps you if you want to add more glam to your wedding by providing Diamond eternity bands. No one would like that some else is owning or wearing his choice of diamond ring. With Jewelry makers , you can design your own diamond wedding ring by selecting custom wedding ring option. You can indulge your creativity and desire in your diamond ring through this option.

Do you want that your diamond ring hold a single big diamond instead of many small diamonds and give outstanding luster and brilliance? If yes, then a Cushion cut diamond wedding ring is the finest option for you. The main feature of a cushion cut diamond is , its large and flawless facets. So it will give your diamond wedding ring a unique look.

Apart from the diamond rings, Wedding rings supplier's offer designed and loose diamonds to get matched with your business need. You can get entire detail and knowledge about diamond rings by clicking on -various jewelry portals. They provides all type of diamond jewelry at affordable price without compromising on quality.